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By: Tara Sabo
Published: December 2016

If you sign up for sessions with a personal trainer, you will get targeted attention that will help you reach your health and fitness goals—but what if personal training sessions don’t interest you, or maybe it’s not in your budget? The answer: Group fitness. Join any gym and you will gain access to
a list of classes. One of which is bound to meet your needs. And, yes—you can (and should!) take the class.

Tara Sabo

By: Tara Sabo
Published: November 2016

November is here, which means the Holidays are upon us. The celebrations are about to begin, filling your schedule with multiple events and loading your plates with foods that challenge your diet. Will all of this derail the healthy habits you’ve worked so hard to establish?

Don’t despair—there are simple things you can do to stay healthy:

Tara Sabo

Written by: Tara Sabo
Published: September 2016

Life is crazy. When the going gets tough, so does the diet. The food industry makes it really easy for us to grab-and- go delicious foods that suppress hunger pangs, but these options aren’t always healthy. You can, however, stock your refrigerator and pantry with nutritious options that work with what little time you have. So set aside some time this Sunday to think through your grocery list, hit the store, then come home and prep whatever you can for the week ahead.

Easier said than done. Right?
Meal and snack prep can take hours. Some of us have that time, some of us don’t. But there are a few things you can do that don’t take much time at all—but they’ll still save you time (and calories) throughout the week:

After 18 years of spearheading the growth and expansion of South Shore Health & Racquet Club, General Manager John Phillips recently announced his plans to retire in late December 2016. 

Guess what? You don’t have to be fit to take a group fitness class. This seems like an obvious statement, but so many people think the opposite. “I can’t take that class, I’m not strong enough yet.”

Riddle me this: How will you get stronger? By taking group fitness classes.

This idea is just one of many fitness misconceptions that exist. Let’s clear up a few more: