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Written by: Tara Sabo
Published: MailMax October 10, 2015

There are three very important aspects of any fitness routine. Cardio and strength training, of course. These two are obvious. But the third element? Stretching. It’s so often forgotten, and yet, stretching is so important. Be honest: How often do you stretch? Do you know how to stretch? How flexible are you? Let’s discuss.

by: Tara Sabo
MailMax: September 13, 2015

When it comes to fitness goals, it’s really easy to say “oh, I want to run a race” or “hey, I’m going to lose weight this week.” It’s also really easy to get lost in your attempts to achieve those goals. Why? Because they aren’t SMART goals. When you create fitness goals, they should be SPECIFIC, MEASURABLE, ATTAINABLE, REALISTIC and TIMELY. These qualities set you up for great success. Let’s break it down: