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By: Tara Sabo
Published: December 12, 2015

December is here and the snow has come and gone a few times already. Temperatures continue to drop, taking with them the ability to easily exercise outside. But I promise you—you can exercise outside in the Winter. It just requires a few extra precautions:

By: David Brooks
Published: November 2015

Don’t forget about the cone! We have all used cones for targets, or to help show players where to stand on the court, but they can be used for so much more. The power of the cone is that it can be used for just about anything that you can think of. Here are three of my favorite ways to use cones.

By: Tara Sabo
Published: November 14, 2015

It’s that time of year. Winter is coming, bringing with it colder temperatures and dreary skies, holiday parties and pecan pies. And, of course, the flu and other maladies that derail us from everyday activity. If that sounds dreadful or depressing, know that Winter doesn’t have to be unhealthy or stressful. Despite these odds against you, it is entirely possible to have a healthy winter. Consider making these adjustments to your everyday routines:

By: Mark Ficks
Published: November 2015

We’ve changed it up a bit for this issue’s “Hot Seat” interview and are featuring more of a family “conversation” between Bill Ficks and his two USPTA-certified sons, Mark and Scott. Learn more as they discuss how their upbringing influenced their decision to become tennis professionals.

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