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By: Tara Sabo
Published: July 2016

Fitness is fun, but it can also be quite dangerous. Whether you exercise at a fitness facility or in the privacy of your own home, the opportunity for injury will exist and nothing can sideline your progress quite like an unexpected injury. But don’t let this risk stop you! Fitness injuries can be preventable. Here are a few things to consider:

By: Tara Sabo
Punblished: June 11, 2016

Do you eat snacks? Do they dominate your day? You’re not alone. Snacks can and should be an integral part of your diet. They are little
sparks of energy that keep you moving in between meals. True, some snacks are better than others, and it is really easy to pick a bad snack—but it can be equally easy to pick a good one, too.

What is a good snack? Something that is delicious and nutritious. Let’s talk about that today.Let’s talk about healthy snacks.

By: Tara Sabo
Published: February 13, 2016

Look down at your feet. What kind of shoes are you wearing? What are you about to do? Work, shop, run, bike or bootcamp? Does your footwear reflect this? Now think about all the shoes in your closet. Whether you have two pairs or a floor full of them, it’s time to admit that shoes are much more than accessories. This, of course, is especially true when it comes to athletic shoes.

By: Tara Sabo
Published: April 9, 2016

Walk into any gym and you’ll see a dedicated group of individuals bouncing around with clipboards and clients, changing lives and making a difference. These individuals are certified personal trainers with a giant passion for all things exercise, like your health and fitness goals and everything it might take for you to meet and exceed them. Personal trainers are not (read: should not) be intimidating. They are the most approachable group of individuals at the gym. Why? Because they are there for you.

By: Tara Sabo
Published: January 16, 2016

At the start of a new year, many people make the decision to achieve better health. Fitness goals are almost always at the top of resolution lists, but did you know that less than 10% of people actually achieve their fitness goals before the year is out? Unfortunately, many studies have shown this to be true, but every goal can and should be achievable. Especially if the goal is SMART. When your goals are SPECIFIC, MEASURABLE, ATTAINABLE, REALISTIC, and TIMELY, you’ve already taken the first step toward success. Stop right now and reassess your fitness goals, then consider taking these steps, too: